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the-wib® is a quality of life innovation designed to enhance individual and collective wellbeing. Based on the “Bec Numeric Energy Scale”, it empowers the wearer to communicate their energy levels to others without having to explain or justify how they are feeling.

Most health conditions, learning difficulties and work behaviours, fluctuate throughout the day. So-called “healthy people” do not live, work or play at a constant level of “peak performance”. Neither do people who are considered socially different from “the norm”! In reality, human energy fluctuates whether we are well or ill.

the-wib® wearers, use this badge all-day, every day, and can engage in their subjective self-assessment of their energy levels across three dimensions of wellbeing; cognitive, emotional and physical. By adjusting the badge number displayed as their energy fluctuates, others can instantly see, understand and respectfully adapt to their energy status in real-time.

Join the-wib® wellbeing culture! This simple yet profound tool makes it easy to co-create a wellbeing culture in healthcare, education and at work, that over time, empowers society to be actively caring and genuinely inclusive.

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