“Thank you for posting the-wib to help my son who lives with Cerebral Palsy manage his pain and energy. To be honest, you don’t need to be disabled to benefit from the-wib, if you think about it, we all need one!”
Jackie (carer)

“the-wib is a simple way to help my family to avoid, misunderstanding each other.”
Louise (lives with mental health difficulties)

“the-wib is good because it allows people to see, medical professionals, when they come in like physiotherapists, to see how Triv is feeling that day.”
Users Alex (carer) & Triv uses the-wib for Stroke Aphasia.

“the-wib can share our sense of wellbeing with everyone around us in a really simple way.”
Helen (lives with ME/CFS)

“Alan, I knew you were ill, but I hardly knew to what degree or difficulty. Seeing your ‘4″ has really bought it home to me how ME/CFS actually affects you. the-wib badge is a wonderful idea for improving positive social connection. “
Peter (carer who lives with Cerebral Palsy)

“I could do with the-wib myself. Three-year fibromyalgia sufferer with two kids!”
Clea (carer)

“The four is almost like an amber sign, saying rest. So, it is a good way for me to plan and manage my energy.”
Meera (using the-wib for Chronic Heart Transplant Rejection)

“the-wib is such an important invention. My wife, who has been disabled for a few years, now lets me know what number she is. A number 3 or 2 says far more than “I feel rough today.”
Clive (carer)

“I really need the-wib for my 9-year-old daughter, such a good idea.”
Alex (carer)

“I live with depression. Talking in numbers is such a great idea. the-wib could help so many sufferers to be better understood when we are having a bad time.’
Debrah (supporter)

“the-wib is all about understanding yourself as fluctuating energy and simultaneously informs other so they can recognize, anticipate and respond appropriately.”
Mike (supporter)

“I’ve moved over to thinking about my wellbeing using the-wib number system. Simple yet very effective!”
Delia (supporter)

“Where there’s a Wib, there’s a way! We want wibs for our work!”
Bards of Avalon (supporters)

“I’d love not to have to explain how I’m feeling to people who don’t really want to know. More positively I like what you say about the-wib helps you to anticipate wearer’s “states”. and be able to adapt appropriately. In my case, before I get my head bitten off!”
Sue (carer)