News in Brief:

Crowdfunding News

We are crowdfunding. The timeline is shaping up and we will be ready very soon. So in the meantime:

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Research News

The-wib puts research at the heart of its work so we know we measure up!

We met up with a group of year 9 & 11 RSA Academy school children and teachers.

We asked them what they thought of the wib. 

100% said the wib is important to them 98% said they were satisfied with how it works! More news, coming soon.

Funding News

The Royal Society of Art, Commerce and Manufacturing

the-wib® won an RSA Catalyst Grant for Research. Its made a big difference to who we can collaborate with, more news soon.


West Of England Academic Healthcare Science Network

the-wib® won a coveted place on the Healthcare Innovation Programme (HIP). Alan Bec is now officially a Hipster!

School of Social Entrepreneurs

the-wib® won a place on the London School of Social Entrepreneurs  Start Up programme. Sponsored by Lloyds bank and The National Lottery.

NatWest Accelerator Programme

the wib® won a place on the Natwest Pre Accelerator Programme in Bristol. 

We have much more exciting news to come in June. the-wib® is taking off – big time! Thank you to all our supporters and sponsors.