“The Wellbeing indicator communicates to other people you know, and don’t know, your current status. I endorse it completely. I think more people should be using it”.

Dr Zimbardo and Alan Bec at the ICTP Copenhagen 2016

“the-wib helps me to know how to pitch our consultations, and better informs me on how well you will function. I believe

the-wib has useful applications for many chronic fluctuating conditions and should be helpful to patients, families, carers, and clinicians”.

Dr Peter Goyder – General Practioner. Air Balloon Surgery Bristol UK.

“This is brilliant! It is a useful way of titrating because once you have a group working together, what do you mean by ‘4’, what do you mean by ‘6’, but over time there is going to be an attunement”.

Dr Sheldon Solomon – Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College USA.