News in Brief:

the -wib Founder Alan Bec is selected for a new report highlighting diversity in innovation in the NHS. Launched by the AHSN Network at Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019 in Manchester on Wednesday 4 September.

The report ‘Diversity and innovation – a celebration of  the stories of innovators from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and sets out pledges by the AHSN Network to further support the diversity and innovation agenda.

Richard Stubbs, Chief Executive Officer at Yorkshire & Humber AHSN, said: “We will not succeed in addressing health inequalities without diverse innovators, both from within and outside of the NHS. We need innovators from all backgrounds who can develop and support solutions that enable the inclusion of all members of our society.

Research News

The-wib puts research at the heart of its work so we know we measure up!

We met up with a group of year 9 & 11 RSA Academy school students and teachers and asked them what they thought of the wib. 

100% said the wib is important to them 98% said they were satisfied with how it works! 

Funding News

The Royal Society of Art, Commerce and Manufacturing

the-wib® won an RSA Catalyst Grant for Research. Its made a big difference to who we can collaborate with.

West Of England Academic Healthcare Science Network

the-wib® won a coveted place on the Healthcare Innovation Programme (HIP). Alan Bec is now officially a Hipster!

Alan Bec was chosen as one of ten BAME innovators who can make a difference within the NHS and the lives of patients. 

School of Social Entrepreneurs

the-wib® won a place on the London School of Social Entrepreneurs  Start Up programme. Sponsored by Lloyds bank and The National Lottery.

NatWest Accelerator Programme

the wib® won a place on the Natwest Pre Accelerator Programme in Bristol.