Watch Alan’s TEDx talk.

“Out of unconscious habit, we effectively hide how we really are and fail to pay attention to how others actually are.”

In his TEDxBristol talk, he explores the symbolism and science of numbered energy levels, delivered on the day with grace and humour, despite his status as a ‘4’. He shares how he found a positively disruptive healing solution to his chronic ill-health by talking in numbers, and why you don’t have to be ill to improve wellbeing using this method.

He’s someone who knows a lot about fluctuating energy and how hard it can be to communicate mental, emotional and physical pain. His life was disrupted beyond recognition when he contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2011. The effect and devastation this had on his self-identity, family and social status changed everything. He found himself learning something new: what it’s like to experience ‘social death’.

This talk is from TEDxBristol 2017: Dare To Disrupt. In a world of constant change and uncertainty, these are the ‘positive disruptors’ ripping up the rule book to challenge received wisdom, demand better, and transform seemingly insurmountable problems into break-through possibilities and new beginnings.